How can a brand add value to a local high street in an urban environment? — Mystreet aims to change peoples perception of the high street.

Major project designed in 2013 for the MA Graphic Branding and Identity at London College of Communication


The aim of this brand is to dissolve prejudices and create a more inclusive high street.

96% of all Londoners think their local high street can be improved. Branding can help to change people's perception of the high street and that is why I created the Mystreet brand.

The urban high street is a place where people pass strangers, face multiple cultures and experience different uses every day. Therefore the high street is the place where prejudices (that cause a negative perception) can dissolve, and branding can help with that.

The aim of this brand is to dissolve prejudices on the high street. Mystreet should approach people in a positive and mindful way and make them think about issues as the language gap, poor communication, prejudices and the feeling of safety. 

To document my process, the brand output is supported by a Visual Research Summary and Major Project Report.


The brand is presented as a (5m long) foldable poster that includes all elements of the brand – posters, flags, cards, a billboard, a conversation wall and a tool to write on the high street. When united, these outputs form the shape of a high street.


In a typical high street like Peckham Rye Lane occurs an enormous ethnic diversity and urban inequality. (Suzanne Hall, Ordinary Streets, 2013)